--------------------------日本語下にあります------------------------ <BRAND CONCEPT> In music scene, there are songs that have been cherished by so many people and they are called "Evergreen songs" Just like them, our concept is to be loved for our evergreen designs and hearts. My concept is not just clothing. On a sunny day, people will feel fresh and jubilant. My brand is like that feeling. They feel it through the design, production process, material, craftsmanship, artist’s intent and support of ethical goals. My brand’s purpose is development of products with additional value. <TARGET > A healthy girl with golden-brown skin, who runs and lies on mother earth with clothes made by the sun and ocean. ・OCEAN'S PEOPLE ・SURFERS ・LOHAS PEOPLE・ETHICAL MIND PEOPLE・ECO PEOPLE・VEGAN PEOPLE ・NO ANIMAL STUFF PEOPLE (People to respect the animal ) We " by the Sun" always take ethical mind down to our items by using organic cottons, recycling process, or adopting the traditional techniques from some wonderful countries. There must be some people who have started to doubt the limit of mass production and mass consumption which bring us the "affordable-low priced-low quality" products. Organic cotton has been popular these days and the awareness of "Ethical" or "Fair trade" has been increased too. However, the designs or branding mostly have sober and soft tastes and are tend to be inclined. These should make an advance into various kinds of fashion categories, such as casual, vintage, bohemian, hippie style, street or surf style which express the designer myself. Please enjoy the each item which is created on a moment-to-moment basis. ※ Fair trade = is an alternative approach to conventional trade. it provides the producers the reasonable salary and the opportunity to improves their lives. ※ Ethical = environmental protection and social contributions ブランドコンセプト Ever green design & Heart 音楽シーンで「時を経ても色褪せない名曲」とよばれるように、色褪せないデザインと気持ちを コンセプトに愛され続けるブランドを目指します。 少女の気持ちを持ち続けている成熟した女性 ヘルシーな小麦色の彼女が自然と海と太陽を身にまとい大地をかけ、寝そべるイメージ。 ・エシカルに興味のある方 ・ライフスタイル自体に着目している方 =ex「ヨガ」 「ヘルシーフード」「ヴィーガン」「eco」「支援活動」 ・いいもの主義 ・動物性のものを使用しない事を好む方 ・今までエシカルファッションに興味がなかった方 ・カジュアル、ヴィンテージ、ボヘミアン、ヒッピー、ジプシー、ストリート、サーフスタイルが好きな方 そんな方たちへ発信していきたい。